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QUIZ: Which SKFC Coach Are You?

Have you ever wondered which SKFC coach best matches your views on the beautiful game? Well ponder no more. In just five questions time your curiosities will be put to rest as you find out which SKFC coach you are.

Question 1 – What is your footballing philosophy?

A) High energy and a high press, with explosive attacking intent when the ball is won.

B) An organised hardworking defence and midfield, with creative licence in the final third.

C) Pass, pass, pass, pass, goal. A patient possession-based game.

D) If you score four, we will score five. Football is about the entertainment.

Question 2 – How do you like to work?

A) As much time on the training field with my players as possible please.

B) I like to bounce my ideas off a right-hand man. Strength in numbers.

C) Working towards perfection is how I like to operate.

D) Sessions will always be designed around fun and excitement. Enjoyment is key.

Question 3 – Who are your coaching inspirations?

A) Pep Guardiola. His teams operate with the energy I set my side up to play with.

B) Rafa Benitez and Paco Herrera. A revolutionary partnership.

C) Marcelo Bielsa. A student of the game who never made it as a player but has excelled as a coach.

D) My influences stem from those who I have crossed paths with throughout my career.

Question 4 – What is your favourite type of goal?

A) From goalkeeper to the back of the net, with a touch from every player in between.

B) A swift and electric counterattack, leaving defenders scratching their heads.

C) A move with too many passes to count ending with a neat back-post finish.

D) 20, 30 or 40 yards out – wherever it’s from, you don’t save ‘em.

Question 5 – What is your favourite side of all time?

A) Manchester City 2017-19. Untouchable and unparalleled.

B) Bayern Munich 2012-13. Treble winners and the team to dethrone Pep’s Barcelona

C) Barcelona 2005-07. Ronaldinho, Samuel Eto’o and Lionel Messi – yummy.

D) AC Milan 1988-90. A side packed with exciting quality in every position.

If you answered mainly:

A… You are Austin Brady

An infectious energetic on and off the pitch, who will not let anything come in between commitment and desire. You are adored by all and can always be seen to go the extra mile.

B… You are Peter Shaw and Ryan Worrall

SK’s very own inseparable deadly duo. You are one to bounce ideas off a partner and enjoy discussing the tactical nuances of the game.

C… You are Joe Godfrey

A true football addict - you see football as an art form and the pitch is the canvas. A perfectionist at heart, who spends every second of every day thinking about the game.

D… You are Mr. Ross Turpin

You will never work a day in your life if you spend it doing something you love. Enjoyment is the key to success and every session reflects that ethos.

Which SKFC coach are you? Are you happy with the coach you got? Let us know on twitter and Facebook.

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