Business Development and Specialist Manager

After years in the coaching industry it was time to do it differently: sat across the table from Joe and Peter in a Warrington coffee shop, SK Football Coaching was born - a community based coaching organisation designed to support the growth and development of players in the North West.

What was the inspiration behind founding SKFC?

SK was really intended just to be a hobby - a hobby that made a difference to junior football. We wanted to combine professional coaching with a community ethos - at the time we felt too many organisations were too financially driven, we wanted to change that for our area. It's an ethos that has grown with SK, one that we hold very close to us today.

What is your coaching philosophy?

I want my players to adopt numerous qualities - both football and non-football related - but in particular three main concepts are desired: the ability to be dynamic, committed and together as one. If a player or team has these qualities, whatever the playing style is the they will be much better off. 

Who are your coaching inspirations?

For me, the two coaches who inspire me the most are Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson. Neither of them played professional football at the highest level, but they have enjoyed long and successful careers based on their commitment and desire to constantly improve as a coach. 

What work have you been doing with SKFC's goalkeepers?

Goalkeeper coaching was a role that I had enjoyed at my previous job and it was an experience I really enjoyed - in order to progress my knowledge around that area of the game I got my goalkeeper coaching badges and when the time came to introduce a goalkeepers department at SKFC, it made sense for me to take the ropes and lead it. 


What football team do you support?

I had no choice really, it was always going to be Liverpool for me because that is the team that my Dad chose for me. Peter and I get quite a bit of stick for being two Liverpool fans working near Manchester, but as long as the Reds are winning trophies I don't think we'll lose too much sleep over it. 

Who are your favourite footballers?

Along with goalkeeper sessions, I also lead SKFC's specialist striker sessions, so I have a preference for forwards when it comes to choosing my favourite players and there's two I'm particularly fond of: Kylian Mbappé and Roberto Firmino.

Mbappé is basically Thierry Henry reincarnated! He's got a ridiculous amount of skills and he's so calm when it comes to finishing, whilst Bobby Firmino demonstrates exactly how a 'team player' should behave. He understands his role in the squad and always gives 100% towards achieving the team's goals - I really like that. 


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