After years in the coaching industry it was time to do it differently: sat across the table from Peter and Ryan in a Warrington coffee shop, SK Football Coaching was born - a community based coaching organisation designed to support the growth and development of players in the North West.

What was the inspiration behind founding SKFC?

SK was really intended just to be a hobby - a hobby that made a difference to junior football. We wanted to combine professional coaching with a community ethos - at the time we felt too many organisations were too financially driven, we wanted to change that for our area. It's an ethos that has grown with SK, one that we hold very close to us today.

What is your coaching philosophy?

Developing technically gifted, two footed players who are calm, composed and creative in possession of the ball and playing in teams who dominate possession of the ball through expansive, patient build up and relentless work rate out of possession.

Who are your coaching inspirations?

Pep Guardiola and Marcelo Bielsa. I admire both coaches for a number of reasons mainly due to the fact I like to see teams set up to play dominant football - dominate the ball, create numerous chances and exhaust the opposition with relentless work rate. If you watch the way both City and Leeds (and the respective coaches' previous teams) play - you'll see eye catching football, where all eleven players have a responsibility with the ball at their feet. You'll also see a 'never say die' attitude to their football, a real team ethos.

What football team do you support?

I've been a glory hunting Manchester City fan since 1995! I've seen (and miss, if we're honest) some spectacular levels of rubbish. As an 11 year old, I was one of the few blues in school - while United were dominating the country, I was getting excited by headline signing Bernardo Corradi! In my second year as a season ticket holder, City broke a Premier League record - we scored the fewest home goals ever recorded by a side. We also didn't score a home goal after New Years Day - 5 months without seeing a goal! I also keenly support Glasgow Rangers, and try to travel to Ibrox/follow Rangers abroad once or twice a season - when there's a break from grassroots commitments, anyway.

Another reason for me though is looking at the way both coaches and their coaching teams work with individual players - the difference in players like Aguero (I know he was already brilliant - but look at how his game changed under Pep) and Sterling with Pep.

Who are your favourite footballers?

Vincent Kompany typifies everything I respect in a professional footballer. His professionalism off the pitch, his willingness to support the community (example being his testimonial fundraising efforts) and of course his tremendous leadership on the pitch. For me he's the most important City player of the last decade - even though he wasn't exactly ever present last season, there's not a chance City would have won the league without his influence. I also love centre halves that can build into midfield through passing ability and dribbling forwards - Kompany's ability in possession, having started as a holding midfielder - went somewhat unnoticed in comparison to the rest of his abilities at City - well, until that game last season!


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