Joining the team in mid-2019, Mr Ross as he is affectionately known brings a heavy dose of creative energy to SK Football Coaching. From chickens to Star Wars, Mr Ross' sessions have no limits!

How did you get involved with SKFC?

I contacted Joe Godfrey who I used to work with about joining SKFC – there were a few other coaches I’d known from other jobs too, so it was brilliant to come into a new job with so many familiar faces, along with some new coaches as well. Buying into the organisation was really easy as I shared the community ethos SK Football Coaching have created.

What is your coaching philosophy?

Going beyond coaching I believe in balance. If you consider the balance into every decision, you can’t go far wrong. Another is for a player that wants to fully embrace football they should play to: learn, improve, enjoy. All three are the making of a good footballer.

Who are your coaching inspirations?

There are many inspirational coaches from the football industry, however I take the most inspiration from people I have worked with across my career. Some of the names include ex-college and school tutors, along with other coaches I have shared a platform with.

What football team do you support?

Sunderland are my team because that’s where I grew up. A lot of my family share the red and white stripes. From Roker Park to the Stadium of Light, I’ve been a Sunderland supporter my entire life. However, I love to watch and learn about football clubs from all over the globe.

Who are your favourite footballers?

Two names that have probably never been named together but Kevin Phillips and Paulo Maldini. Phillips is a Sunderland legend – amongst being liked at many other clubs – and continued to play deep into his career.


Maldini is another player who continued deep into his thirties, but unlike Phillips he had considerably less clubs on his CV. I admire Maldini for his work as a full-back at a time when that position wasn’t overly appreciated when he was knocking about.


U5, U6, U9, U10



U6, U10