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SKFC Update: Covid-19

Updated: May 24, 2020

SKFC are continuously monitoring the situation with the current pandemic situation and taking necessary precautions at this stage. Currently, any sessions hosted by SKFC (i.e non-junior football club sessions) are on, while all junior club sessions are on subject to their manager’s discretion. We believe that we all need to stay fit and active and try to provide everyone’s football fix as best as we possibly can do.

We ask that the following precautions are made by families:

  1. We request that all parents and children use hand sanitiser, provided at most venues (but we will try to supply it at those that don’t), before and after football sessions

  2. No high-fives or handshakes will take place during sessions. Fist-bumps or elbow-bumps are permitted!

  3. If any of your family are showing any of the symptoms of coronavirus we request that you air on the side of caution and don’t attend training

In terms of SKFC’s plans, please read on:

  1. SKFC Easter Camp is scheduled to go ahead as planned and we will endeavour to keep it that way, particularly with so many holidays cancelled.

  2. SK are exploring options to keep camp totally outdoors (including lunchtime) to avoid the use of a crowded changing room

  3. If schools are closed, SKFC will try to run a holiday camp for affected families

  4. If we are told we cannot train or play, a further update will be sent to parents regarding our plans

  5. If we find that group sessions need to be closed, daytime one-to-one sessions will be offered so we can try and keep everyone not only training, but staying fit and active in a time when opportunity to do so might be scarce. We’re also aware that in the event of schools being closed, the children will be bouncing off walls within an hour or two!

It’s important to remember that this is your decision and if you feel you need to stay away from football, we respect this choice! Financially, this is going to be a hard time for everyone – SK included – so we will try to take steps to ensure parents aren’t out of pocket.

In the meantime stay safe, be nice to everyone and help whoever you can do… hopefully this won’t last long!

All the best, Joe, Peter and the SK Team

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