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SKFC Join English Football In Social Media Blackout

SK Football Coaching will be taking part in a social media boycott this weekend in a response to sustained online abuse in football.

From 15.00 BST on Friday 30th April to 23.59 BST on Monday 3rd May there will be no activity on any of SKFC’s social media platforms.

As we approach the final weeks of the grassroots season, this is usually when we would take to social media to highlight the successes of all of our partner clubs and their players.

But we stand firm with English football’s governing bodies and clubs and believe action has to be taken to stop discriminatory abuse online of all kinds.

Social media companies must be held accountable for the safety of their users online and methods must be in-place to identify any form of online abuse.

If you have any immediate questions or issues please contact any SKFC coach directly.

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