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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes an 'About' page doesn't really tell you what you need to know, so here are some frequently asked questions about SKFC:

Are SKFC a junior football team?

No. Not in a literal sense anyway. Our development squads are treated like and act very much as teams, but we don't enter junior leagues and don't conflict with junior clubs. SK are like your 'second club'!

Do SKFC manage junior football teams?

SKFC are coaching partners of four clubs, where the clubs are ran by a volunteer committee and usually led by parent coaches. However, in many cases SKFC's involvement in clubs travels further than just the training ground, sometimes as far as our coaches leading teams on matchdays. 

How do Development Centre commitments not conflict with my junior team?

SKFC Development Centre's extras - matches, tournaments, pro club visits etc. - will always endeavour to take place in non-JFC times. Example, SKFC U10s will play on Sundays, as the local leagues play on Saturdays. In the rare instances that events conflict, SKFC maintain a 'your club comes first' approach. 

What's the chances of my child getting scouted?

SKFC don't make promises that we can't keep. While many players have been scouted by various clubs through SKFC, we maintain our primary objectives to be player enjoyment and development. When those two factors are achieved, there is always a possibility that players may get an opportunity with one of the multitude of professional clubs with which we maintain good relations.

What does the 'Blues, Whites and Reds' system mean?

Our Blues, Whites & Reds system is the three groups that will typically exist in an SKFC age group. The system guarantees enjoyable, progressive football for all:

Blues: Our group for advanced players, who will play in the highest level events and receive coaching of a technical detail to really push the most advanced players. 

Whites: Our group for grassroots players, who will play in events at a typically medium-standard and receive coaching to help those players to progress without being too in-depth. 

Reds: Our group for less-experienced players, who will play in events with other beginners' groups and receive coaching that ensures lots of contact time with the ball and builds game understanding.

My child just likes to play football for fun is that okay?

Absolutely - our Blues, Whites & Reds system (see above) ensures that SKFC have a group for everybody.

Can players move groups?

Yes. Our primary objectives are player development and enjoyment - we believe that football is at its most enjoyable and progressive when participants feel challenged but not out of their depth. So movement between groups to reflect this happens at the discretion of our coaches. 

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