Amos is the youngest member of our team - a university student and coach who provides our online and social media graphics and videos, all with a touch of youthful post-millennium flair. 

How did you get involved with SKFC?

An early March snowstorm had called off a Friday night development centre session meaning Joe and Peter were forced to join me at the pub for a birthday drink – at the time I was a newly qualified football coach looking to get involved in the grassroots game and I was aware of the work SKFC were doing as Joe was the son of one of my Dad’s friends. Joe and Peter invited me down to join them at one of their sessions and since then I have never left. 

How did you get involved with the digital side of SKFC?

It is safe to say SK’s online presence was mixed in 2019. Aside from a strong Facebook following, our social media platforms lacked engagement and excitement and as a multimedia sports journalism student it was the perfect opportunity for myself to help improve SK's digital image. I was given the creative freedom to produce online graphics and videos, manage the social media pages, assist with the launch of SKTV and manage all of SK’s social media pages.

What is your coaching philosophy?

Possession based style of play who are all comfortable on the ball in any position. Whether it is in attack, defence or transition, I want my players to be positive, composed and creative. 

Who are your coaching inspirations?

A lot is said about the influential coaches of the modern game, however for me it's coaches of yesteryear from where I draw my inspirations. Arrigo Sacchi's career in football is one that fascinates me - he was never a great footballer and turned his hand to coaching at an early age. His dedication to development of players and tactics quickly saw him become one of Europe's pioneers in creative football management. 

Another name on that list is someone who wasn't only a great coach, but an equally if not better player on the pitch, Johan Cruyff. The Dutchman's legacy on the coaching world stretches from the professional game, all the way down to grassroots level and his influence continues to make an impact within modern football. 

What football team do you support?

I've experienced more as a Manchester City fan than I could have ever imagined over the last 10 years or so. From Premier League title wins, to FA Cup finals, it's safe to say the last decade as a blue has been considerably different to the years that proceeded it, yet like most City fans, there's still a Maine Road shaped hole in my heart. 

Who are your favourite footballers?

I hold many Manchester City players in high admiration for the joy they've brought me over the last few years, however there's one player who for me is always always top of the list: Zinedine Zidane.

A calculated player with precision, grace and elegance, Zidane would make the professionals who shared a pitch with him seem amateur. An honours list that would take hours to read, Zidane was a footballer who won it all and could do it all.